If you shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it…

Why did we create this product?

Picture this: You’re wearing your favourite light coloured chinos, and nature calls - you’ve finished your business and you’re preparing to tuck away your best friend in your pants - but before - you shake it.
This is a ritual we have been taught since we were small kids, but why do we actually commence into this ritual?
But obviously, we are trying to avoid those last drops ending up in our pants. This phenomenon has been mentioned numerous times in modern literature and has also been the basis for many uncomfortable jokes in movies. "If you shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it"

Let’s dig a bit deeper, Why does this happen?
The explanation is simple, and might come as a surprise too many, but it’s actually due to a design flaw in the male body. As a man writing this, I am not too happy about admitting to this fact, but nevertheless, that’s just the way it is. Let me explain - the urethra is not contractile, it’s just a tube - like a garden hose.
Let’s play with that analogy, when you close the water tap on the wall after washing your car… there is still a lot of water in the hose, and there is only one way that water gets out - through the open end… In other words, this affects all men… 

The questions we asked ourselves
“Why has this never been comercially addressed?”

Well, to be honest, we have no clue, so we made up our minds to solve it. Life is definitely to short to worry about leaving those embarrassing fingerprints on your chinos, and even if it has never happened to you, I bet you have been worried about it after stepping back out from the mens room…
Well, you shouldn't need to worry... 

Let’s go even deeper…

If you study medicin, you will know this phenomenon as "Post micturition dribble". There are a lot of studies on this subject, and they all conclude the same - many men suffer from it and feel that this is a struggle.
But we suspect that this is even more common than what studies show - there are a lot of men out there, who might experience this once or twice a year, but still they worry about it when leaving the mens room. And let’s face it, life is to short to worry about things like this…
If you can relate to this, we strongly suggest that you get yourself a pair of Basic+Ally boxers. We promise, that if you have tried them, you will never leave home without them - it would be like driving your car without wearing a seat belt. 

Is post micturition dribble the same as incontinens?

No, these are two separate issues. Incontinens occurs, when your pelvic muscle for some reason can’t close the tap entirely, and you experience a leakage.
Basic+Ally’s boxers do not help you with incontinens issues, as the amount of liquid that passes through the hose requires absorption. If you suffer from incontinens, we advice you seek advice from you doctor, there are exercises that can help you strengthen the pelvic muscle which might remove your hassle with incontinens. Incontinens might also be the result of an enlarged prostate - your doctor will be able to advise with possible solutions and treatments.
If exercises strengthening the pelvic muscle doesn’t help your incontinens issues, we advise that you try products like the Tena man. This is a male version of panty liners which have an absorption function that can hold several ml. of liquid.

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