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Your protection against the last drop

Avoid the problem more than 60% of all men have

Gravity Membrane™

A 0.18 mm thin membrane that blocks the last drop. Life is to short to worry.

Organic Bamboo

Extremely soft, antibacterial & hypoallergenic.

Printed label

No annoying carelabel that scratches your behind

Seamless stitching

We have designed these boxers to have a minimum amount of seams.

Basically underwear

The Original BASIC+ALLY organic bamboo underwear comes with our smooth hidden 0.18 mm Gravity Membrane™, always preventing you from leaving an embarrassing "fingerprint" on your chinos.

Call it Drop-stop, No-stain or just a damn good idea.

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Seamless comfort

We have removed as many stitches and seams as possible to make our underwear as comfortable as they can be.

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Proudly developed in Denmark Skillfully produced in Portugal.

ECO Friendly

We try to minimize our environmental impact in everything we do.


No bacteria means less odour and no irritated skin

Premium Quality

The materials and the craftmanship of these boxers are second to none

"By combining the best features from our own favourite underwear and adding a layer of security, we have not only created the best underwear, but we have completely demolished the one problem that most men have"

— Henrik Berg - Partner

Still wondering about something?

We will promise you that...

Your last drops stays in your pants if you wear our basic underwear with the Gravity Membrane™

Premium quality with that extra gravity membrane™