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1. Not like other underwear, in fact, we are firstmovers on this product

Our underwear is completely unique, as they are actually the only ones of their kind in the world. Our specially developed 0.18 mm Gravity Membrane™ blocks the last drop, which often ends up in our underwear no matter how much we shake and wipe after a visit to the toilet. A problem that 60% of all men know about.

The membrane is 100% breathable and you won't feel any difference whether you're wearing our underwear or your old favorites from the drawer. In that context, we can add that your girlfriend/wife/date won't feel a difference either 😉


2. Sustainable material with many unique advantages

There are several advantages to choosing organic bamboo:

Environmentally friendly: Bamboo is a natural, sustainable and fast-growing plant that does not require pesticides or chemicals to grow. It also requires less water than, for example, cotton. Additionally, bamboo can be replanted after it is harvested, making it much more sustainable.

Softness and comfort: Bamboo fabric is super soft and comfortable against the skin. It is also very breathable, which means it can help keep you cool and dry, even in hot weather.

Antibacterial and odorless: Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties that can help prevent odor and reduce the risk of infections. This also makes our underwear ideal for athletes and others who need to stay fresh and dry for longer periods.

Hypoallergenic: Bamboo is a good choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic and less irritating than other fabrics.

Durability: Bamboo is a durable material that can withstand repeated washing and use. This extends the lifespan of your underwear.


3. Produced in Portugal with respect for people

We have deliberately chosen to place production in Portugal as we want to ensure proper working conditions and wages for those who produce them. Additionally, the supplier was able to provide the premium quality that we wanted our underwear to have from the start. They were supposed to be able to replace all the premium underwear we already had in the drawer 😎


4. Focus on good old-fashioned service and Danish entrepreneurship

The headline can quickly sound like a bunch of sales talk, and if it makes you buy a pair of underwear, we won't be upset about it, but it's 100% serious from our side. We strive every day to provide the best service to our customers, and from the start, we have worked to ensure that loyal customers get the best deals.

That's why, as a new customer, you can always sign up for our newsletter and get 20% off the shop. It is through that newsletter that we send the best deals.

We are extremely happy when we read the many great reviews on Trustpilot. Because it's actually our good service, as well as a super good product, that is mentioned again and again. Which is the best indicator that we practice what we preach.


5. Safety guarantee

We know that our underwear is extremely comfortable, and we want you to be able to try them. Therefore, if you don't like them, you will of course get your money back. If you order today, you will have them tomorrow.


6. Bonus

We have one more reason, which may be a little practical, but nonetheless quite nice. We can probably agree that it's annoying when you buy clothes with a huge label sewn in with washing instructions and such. If you leave it on, it's bothersome and you have to adjust it every now and then. If you cut it off, you risk having to deal with the last bit which can be even more irritating than before you cut it off.

We have chosen the only right solution, which is to print our washing instructions on our clothes. This way, you are 100% free from the hassle, which we believe is the only right thing to do.